Water & Wine

A short documentary about winemaker Peter Cumming.


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Winemaker Peter Cumming is used to dealing with a lack of water. His vineyards produce grapes for his medal-winning label Water Wheel and had been hit by an extended drought a few years back. So nothing could have prepared him for the devastating floods that inundated his business in January of 2011. Describing the surging water as “biblical”, it was not an event he had considered preparing for or insuring against.

The floods destroyed most of his grapes, jeopardising his label and leaving him with terrible losses as he battled with debris and mildew disease spreading through his crops.

As the family embarks on the long road of rebuilding and replanting just months after the awful events, we follow Peter for a day at his Water Wheel Winery as he shares his experiences and insight on overcoming adversity and the importance of his customers continuing to buy a bottle of wine!