Theft, Viruses & Music

A short documentary about a young indie rock band.


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The last thing an up-and-coming young indie rock band getting radio airplay on stations like Triple J wants to think about is relatively mundane stuff like insurance. But as the group “sleepmakeswaves” discovered the hard way, life on the road has its rewards... and its risks.

This short documentary takes us into the inner sanctum of the band, as we meet members Kid and Alex preparing to go out on a Melbourne stage with the guys. As the crowd begins to build, the pair shares their bad luck tales, including the painful theft of two custom made guitars; thousands in cash freshly withdrawn to pay for a studio session; and a scary near miss involving stored music files on a lap top which was nearly a catastrophic creative loss.

These incidents resonate with any of us who hold dear prized possessions, and offer a sobering reminder of the perils of storing signature works electronically without the security of a back up.