Life On The Water

A short documentary about disabled sailor Martin Waller


For most of us, turning 17 is an exciting time where as a teenager you’re on the cusp of adulthood ready to begin a life full of exciting possibilities. For Martin Waller and his family it was the year life as they knew it ended after Martin was assaulted by a gang of youths so badly, he nearly died. Martin was in a coma for six months and when he woke up, he was brain damaged and in a wheelchair.

That would be enough to destroy anyone’s spirit but twenty years on Marty is testament to the power of possibility, with his amazing determination, infectious smile, and ready laugh. Not to mention his worldwide success as a competitive sailor. Ten years ago Marty began sailing a modified dinghy in competitions across Australia and around the world, winning medals in England, Canada and Dubai and in 2008 was named Disabled Sailor of the Year.

We meet Marty and his proud parents, Dot and Bev, who talk about the struggles they’ve endured over their son’s journey from near death to successful athlete despite overwhelming odds and dark times, a lesson we can all be inspired by.