7 Ways to hack proof your password


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You’re on Facebook right? And you can’t go past a day without logging in and checking it? Go on, you can admit it. OK, well even if you’re not, you probably have a bunch of other websites you need an account name and password to access. You also probably access these accounts on more than one computer right? Thought so.

You probably have a really, really strong password too, like you’ve replaced an “E” with a “3” and have added an exclamation mark at the end. Guess what, that’s not that strong anymore and hackers can probably get into your accounts within seconds. 

So before you decide to wipe your digital life completely, here are some pointers on how to make your password super strong.


  1. Don’t be a commoner – research into hacked Yahoo accounts showed that “123456,” “qwerty,” “welcome,” “ninja” and “abc123” were the most common passwords. If yours is anything like these, change it now.
  2. Go long, go strong – The longer your password the harder it is to crack. Always make sure it’s as long as the requirements allow and never the minimum.
  3. Tricksie Hobbitses hide the precious – To make your password extra tricky, use a sentence you’d easily remember and turn it into an acronym like “I drive a 1998 Kia! = IDA1998KIA!”
  4. Same Same = Bad Bad – If some clever hacker manages to crack your password once, you better believe they’ll try it for the next site they check. Make sure you use different passwords for different sites.
  5. Rule the system – Try coming up with a simple rule to make different passwords depending on which site you’re using. For example: start with a base password like “a12b” and then add “gml” to it if you’re logging into your Gmail account, making the password “a12bgml”.
  6. Switch it up – Change your passwords a few times a year. It makes it even more difficult for your accounts to be hacked.
  7. Testing…testing…testing - When you’re done, test your password. Use a site like How Secure is my Password to see if your new password will stand up to a hacking assault.