4 distractions that turn you into a deadly driver


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Unsurprisingly, driver distraction is a major cause of road accidents and can come in the form of anything from your mobile ringing, to your kid dropping their toy in the backseat.

The four biggest causes of driver distraction inside your car are:

  1. Your mobile phone-Using mobile phones or other smart devices while driving can be very dangerous and distracting, increasing your chance of being involved in a crash or near crash. It's illegal to use mobiles while driving unless they are in a stable holder or can be operated by the driver without touching any part of the phone and the phone is not resting on any part of the driver's body.
  2. Other passengers, particularly kids-Research suggests that children in cars are more distracting than mobiles. The most common distractions with other passengers are turning to look at them in the back seat or watching from the rear view mirror.
  3. Car stereos and entertainment systems-Adjusting the radio can be very distracting. Also listening to radio programs can cause cognitive distraction your mind is more focused on the program then the task of driving. 
  4. GPS devices-One of the most common human errors when using a GPS is being overly confident in how smart the device actually is. The devices are error prone. Trusting the device too much has caused people to drive into hazardous areas.


Here you can find more helpful advice on avoiding distractions when you drive.