Red Cross First Aid app review

Turn your phone into a life saver


To celebrate World First Aid Day on Saturday 14 September, Red Cross has released a free First Aid app. Red Cross boasts that the app has more than 2 million downloads from the US and UK to date, so we thought we better get our hands on it and give it a test drive.

Available through both iTunes and Google Play our first impressions of the app are great. It’s easy to use and thankfully, has been localised for the Australian market.

Navigation between sections is quick and fluid, allowing you to switch between directions on how to give basic treatment to more than 20 common incidents such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetic episodes, burns, sprains and strains.

The app acts as a guide on what you need to do in a medical emergency, with step-by-step instructions, comprising diagrams and sometimes videos. You can also access more detailed information on the various conditions to gain a better understanding of what it you could be dealing with.

A nifty addition is a first aid test section that allows you to test how prepared you are when confronted with a medical incident.

Overall, the app is easy to use, provides some really good advice on how to give basic first aid treatment and should be must for every smart phone owner.