iPhone Health & Fitness Apps

Using tech to keep you in shape.


Getting healthy and staying in shape is a challenge for many of us who might prefer to just kick back on the couch and play Angry Birds on the iPhone. But your smartphone may just be the key to getting you on the right track, with tons of free and paid health and fitness applications available to help you achieve your  fitness and nutrition goals. (These applications are specific to iTunes).

Nike Training Club
This training application is like your own personal trainer in your pocket. Many apps make this claim, but customer reviews are very positive, and it’s free. The app comes with over sixty custom-built workouts for 30-45 minutes and 15 minute training regimes from professional athletes. You select your fitness level and ideal goals so you can choose the workouts that best meet your needs, then keep track of your workout history and training progress. 

The app teaches you to do the exercises with photos, descriptions and video demos and even voice over guidance to keep you motivated throughout. Definitely cheaper than paying by the hour for a trainer at the gym!

This is a free application that uses the GPS in your iPhone to track your outside running as well as being able to manually put in details of running on the treadmill at the gym. It tracks your distance, how long you took, your pace, calories burnt and even the path you went on a map.

The data gets synched to the runkeeper website so you can view your complete running history and statistics. You can also listen to your iPod while running or choose a playlist to start automatically when you commence your run.
Lifehacker.com.au lists it as their favourite overall mobile fitness application. 

It can be overwhelming looking at all the health and fitness apps on offer and trying to figure out which ones are worth your time.

Nursing Degree.net has done some of the hard work with a terrific list of what they consider to be the 50 Coolest Fitness and Health Apps for the iPhone:

These include Tracking apps that monitor your workout progress to keep you motivated; Calculator apps for number crunching; Diet and Nutrition apps to make sure you’re eating well both at home and at restaurants; (like iPhone Nutrition: where you enter in a food and get all its nutritional information);  Working Out apps similar to the Nike Training Club mentioned above;  Relaxation and Inspiration apps to help you meditate and relax anywhere (such as Bob’s Sheep Counter or Zen Timer) and Medication and Diagnosis apps and Health apps that let you do anything from looking up your lab test results, type in your symptoms for possible diagnosis; conduct your own eye exam; get your pregnancy details;  even to help with teeth brushing (Brush Timer)!