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Know Risk is empowering Australians to get informed and take control of the risks they face.

What is Know Risk?

Born out of the 2009 Victorian bushfires, Know Risk’s mission is to help the community to take control of the risks in their lives to build resilience when things go wrong. It is an independent and non-profit initiative.

Know Risk communicates and engages with the community via its tools to:

  • increase understanding about the risks that people and businesses face so their risk exposures may be reduced and the impacts lessened
  • reduce underinsurance and non-insurance levels for individuals, families and businesses
  • improve community resilience after natural disasters.

Why do we need Know Risk?

Australians face risks every day, from business to health, family, travel and financial.

Know Risk helps businesses, individuals, families and communities to engage in practical risk management by preparing for things that might go wrong to remove or reduce the risk. It then gives people the information to engage in financial risk management where insurance could offset financial loss.

In Australia, we know that:

  • one in five people will experience a house fire in their lifetime
  • 275 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes every day
  • about 50 per cent of people have lost superannuation
  • over 48 per cent of Australian households have no insurance or are underinsured
  • 26 per cent of businesses have no insurance and 50 per cent have no business interruption insurance.

Many of these risks can be eliminated, reduced or better prepared for. Know Risk gives people the information and practical tools to do this.

How do you use Know Risk?

1. Find out what risks you or your business face.

My Risk - Personal: Who are you and what risks do you face? Fill out the My Risk – Personal checklist. This will give you an overview of the most common risks – environmental, social, health and financial – that you face based on your demographics and lifestyle and link you to the information you need to be better prepared to face these risks

My Risk – Business: What kind of business do you run and what risks do you face as a business owner? Use the My Risk – Business profiling tool to get a list of the risks you need to be aware of and prepare for.
Use your My Risk - Business profile to start self-managing risk through our website tips and tricks. You can also share this profile with your broker or insurer for further conversation about the types of insurance your business might need.

2. Stay informed and prepared with articles, videos, tips and tricks:

The Know Risk website, social media and e-newsletters keeps you up to date on the current risks and issues facing the community. Using this suite of information helps you to be better informed and better prepared to face everyday and out of the ordinary risks.

3. Take control of your insurance matters:

Insurance Tracker™ is a practical and comprehensive app for iPhone and Android. It lets you store all your policies and insurer information on your device, take a photo inventory of possessions and keep pictures of your receipts so you can make a claim if disaster strikes. Insurance Tracker™ will also send reminders when your insurance policies are up for renewal so you’re never left uncovered.

Who funds Know Risk?

Know Risk is a completely independent, non-profit initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance. It receives funding and non-financial support from insurers, community and emergency groups and risk professionals but it does not sell or even endorse insurance over other risk management options.

Know Risk’s aim is to empower Australians to better manage personal, family, business and community risk. None of its content, agenda, partnerships or operations is influenced or controlled by the insurance and finance industry or other parties.

Media releases

Here you find our latest media releases.

Write or produce a story on:

- Emergencies
- Families
- Children and adolescents
- Parents
- Singles
- The elderly
- Australians travelling abroad
- Homeowners
- Pet owners
- Health
- Small businesses
- Finances (superannuation, finance management, economic loss)


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