What to do after a storm

Now that it's calm again, what do you do?


Storms are a regular occurence in Australia, particularly during the spring and summer months. And while you've probably taken the necessary precautions before the storm had arrived, now that it's over, you may still face a number of risks.

  • Check your property for damage.
  • Check whether friends or neighbours need any assistance.
  • Listen to community radio, social media channels and television for updates on road and weather conditions.
  • Keep kids safe and away from flooded rivers, streams, waterways and drains.
  • Keep away from fallen powerlines as they are dangerous and should always be treated as live.
  • Be careful of fallen trees and damaged buildings or fences.
  • Contact your insurer if you need to lodge a claim. 
  • If driving slow down, keep a safe distance from other drivers and take care in areas that have been flooded or have debris on the road.
  • If roads are flooded do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.
  • Avoid gravel roads as surfaces will be slippery and muddy, and vehicles could become bogged. 

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