Home and Contents Insurance

Insurance for both your home and your belongings.


Imagine your home is burning down and you have just 30 seconds to grab any of your personal possessions you want to save before the flames destroy the lot.

You would probably choose very personal and sentimental items that mean a great deal to you, such as photos and special mementos.  Such items are often unique to you, with no amount of money able to replace them.  However, many of the other items from your home that you have sacrificed to the flames - the television, the stereo system, your clothes, the home itself - can all be replaced in time.

Out of these items, by far the largest and most expensive to replace will be the home itself whether it be a house, an apartment or a unit.  Many people spend years repaying their mortgage and investing in home improvements. Losing a home could have a huge effect financially as well as emotionally.  This is where home and contents insurance can play an important role.

What if I am renting?

Many people think that because they are renting, they don’t need to worry about insurance.  But what if the place you were living in burnt down? What about your goods and belongings?  If something happens to your place of residence, your possessions aren't protected by your landlord’s insurance.  As a tenant, you want to ensure your contents are properly protected from a range of risks.  

Unfortunately, some people, whether they own their home or are renting, don't ensure that their home or contents are adequately protected – not just from fire but a range of other risks.  They take the view that "it simply won’t happen to me".  

History shows that it can and does happen to anyone.