New Baby Paperwork Checklist


Before the Baby is Born:

1. Contact your private health insurer, (if applicable) to ensure your baby will be covered from birth. You may need to change cover over to Family.

2. Buy or hire and fit a baby capsule into your car just prior to the birth. You can’t leave the hospital without a properly installed rear-facing car seat.

3. Calculate if Parental Leave or the Baby Bonus is better for you (you can’t claim both).


As Soon As Possible After the Birth:

1. Make health check appointments for your baby as well as a follow up check up for yourself with your GP or obstetrician.

2. In particular check ups are recommended if your baby is discharged at less than 72 hours. Check up with your doctor within 5-10 days of the baby’s birth.

3. Check up again between 0-4 weeks.

4. Have a Mum check-up at 6 weeks, also for possible pap smear.

5. Register your baby’s birth within 60 days or face a possible fine.

6. If you want to receive a copy of the birth certificate, a small cost is involved.  

7. Add your child to Medicare either by phone or in person.

8. Add your child to your Private Health Insurance (if applicable)

9. Add your child to the Medicare Family Safety Net.

10. Complete application forms for government family benefits such as Family Tax Benefit A & B, Baby Bonus or Parental Leave, and Maternity Immunisation Allowance.


At 2 Months:

1. Arrange 2 month vaccinations

2. Check out child care options and book if necessary. There can be waiting lists!

3. Sign up for independent schools and kindergartens that may have long waiting lists.