Keeping your house kid-friendly


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12 household safety essentials to keep the little ones in your life safe.

  • 1. Kids and electricity

    Kids and electricity are a dangerous mix: make sure you have safety plugs in all spare power points, a safety switch in place, and check that appliances are undamaged and in decent condition, including all power cords and plugs.

  • 2. Keep dangerous items well out of reach

    Keep dangerous items well out of reach. Whether they are knives, plastic bags or matches, many household items become extremely dangerous in the hands of kids.

  • 3. Never leave anything unattended on the stove

    Never leave anything unattended on the stove. A pot of boiling water can become your worst nightmare.

  • 4. Cleaning products and chemicals

    Don’t store cleaning products or chemicals within reach of kids, and never store them in empty soft drink or juice bottles. This is an accident waiting to happen.

  • 5. Climbing risks

    All top-heavy furniture should be secured to the wall so that it can’t tip if someone decides it looks like a good place to test their climbing skills. Make it difficult for railings to be climbed by covering any potential footholds.

  • 6. Barriers to safety

    Barriers should be placed on any stairs and steps to avoid nasty falls.

  • 7. Keep them safely planted

    Are any of your plants, either inside or in the garden, poisonous? Make sure you have them removed.

  • 8. It's getting hot in here

    Adjust the hot water temperature to a maximum of 50 degrees. Scalding hot water is an unnecessary danger.

  • 9. Fire safety

    Fire safety is always important: have smoke alarms fitted around the house, place guards on heaters or fires, always keep an eye out for kids around open flames and make sure you have a home fire escape plan in place.

  • 10. Pool and spa safety

    If you have a swimming pool, or even a spa, it should be fully fenced off with a self-closing gate.

  • 11. Traps are for pests

    Do you have a pest problem? Mouse or rat traps can really hurt and poison can be even more harmful – make sure they are well out of reach from anyone who may crawl past.

  • 12. Animal supervision

    Kids should always be supervised around animals. Even if it is a generally good-natured and friendly family pet, they can still be unpredictable.

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