Keeping Track of your Superannuation


Throughout our working life, many of us change jobs or industries and swap to part time and casual hours, so it’s easy to lose track of your super or even have unclaimed super. You deserve to have all your entitlements at retirement.

1.Gather your super paperwork together and check the following:

  • Your balance at the start and end of the year
  • Your employer's payments during the year
  • Any amounts you paid in
  • Fees deducted
  • Cost of insurance cover
  • Tax taken out

If you don't understand the statement or think there is an error, contact your super fund.

2. Keep all your statements in a safe place.

  • Check your employer's super contributions (employer's must pay contributions at least quarterly).

3. Lost super can be located through the Australian Tax Office’s free online search tool, Supersearch.

Find more information on keeping track of your super.