What to do when the Zombie Apocalypse comes


As the temperature transitions from cold to warm, it creates a hotbed for bacteria and viruses to thrive. While there are many different types of contagious diseases and conditions to watch out for at this time of year, there is one that poses a far greater threat than any other to life as we know it – the Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, that’s right. We said zombies. 

The idea of a Zombie Apocalypse may seem far-fetched, but history and TV have shown us that the need to be prepared for anything is a necessity, which is why we’ve prepared this handy zombie preparedness guide for you.  The good thing is, you can use this guide for other emergencies too, such as cyclones, bushfires or floods.

Zombie Emergency Kit

Be prepared. One thing is for sure; the age old Scouts motto sums things up perfectly. When those flesh-eating freaks come frolicking up the street (do zombies frolic?), it‘s always better to be safe than sorry.

The first thing you need before a zombie pandemic erupts is a well-stocked emergency kit that should be able to get you through those first few days until you can locate a safe-haven or refuge. The kit should include:

  • Water (4 litres per person)
  • Food (stock up on as much non-perishable items as you can, for example: canned beans, spaghetti, crackers, food for your pets)
  • Medication (prescription and non-prescription meds such as pain-killers, anti-nausea medication)
  • First Aid supplies (ensure you have bandages, antiseptic, gauze, band-aids, a splint and anything else you can use to treat basic cuts)
  • Tools and other supplies (a good Stanley knife, scissors, plastic or garbage bags to carry things, duct tape, a battery powered or wind-up radio, a torch, batteries, whistle and so on)
  • Hygiene supplies (things like soap, gloves, eye protection, hand towels, toilet paper, bleach)
  • Clothing and Bedding (always have at least one change of clothes, for each family member – the hardier the better, and as many blankets as you can carry)
  • Important documents (keep copies of your driver’s licence, passports, birth certificate, insurance details and the like)
  • Sanity stuff (this includes books, a pack of cards, games for the kids etc.)
  • Emergency contacts (police, fire and ambulance services, next of kin, nearby hospitals)
  • Fuel (make sure you have enough should you need to evacuate)
  • Something to defend yourself with (as zombies have great hearing, it’s best to go with something that is easy to swing, makes little sound and has great impact, like a golf club, hammer or cricket bat).
  • Equip your vehicle with a bull-bar – it’s handy for getting your through a jam and will protect your vehicle from the odd zombie collision.

Plan your escape

Now that you have your supplies you need to plan your evacuation route. There’s nothing worse than having to having to smash and bash your way through a horde of brain-biters at the last minute.

As with the emergency kit, this plan can be used in any type of emergency situation, such as a cyclone, fire or flood (probably with much less need for bashing and crashing). Sit down with your family and talk about what you need to do if evacuation becomes necessary.

  • Identify a safe place to evacuate to. Family or friends who live in secure, housing further inland or on higher ground are good options. The more isolated the better when zombies are concerned.
  • Come up with different routes to your safe place and practice getting there in different situations. Make sure your routes have plenty of room to move, you don’t want to be caught in a zombie traffic jam!
  • Listen to local community service announcements on the radio or television to identify preferred evacuation routes in your neck of the woods. However, if the walking dead have infiltrated those, be prepared to use your own less-travelled way.
  • Make sure everyone knows the Standard Emergency Warning Signal.
  • Don’t panic!


Whatever happens, be it a horde of flesh-munching zombies, a cyclone or a flood, being prepared will go a long way to helping you survive. If you have any other zombie apocalypse survival tips, let us know below.

- Eddie