Top three risks for mother’s day


Mother’s Day is about us showing how much we appreciate the sacrifices mums make on a daily basis. And let’s be honest, mums sacrifice plenty - way more than their share. From washing your dirty laundry, dealing with sibling disputes, cooking meals that often go unappreciated or simply showering us with the love and affection as only they can, mums get the job done.

Mothers already do it pretty tough, from simply having to carry us around inside them in the first place, to giving birth to us, to then listening to us complain all the time, about everything, for the next twenty or so years. You would think Mother’s Day would be the one day women get to not have to deal with the trials and tribulations of being a mum.

Well, think again, for Mother’s Day brings its own set of risks. Here are the top three things mums need to be fearful of this Mother’s Day.

1 Breakfast in bed

In theory, being able to actually get a sleep-in on one day of the year and not worry about breakfast sounds wonderful. In theory. The reality is, you’ll inevitably awaken at 6:30 in the morning to the clanging of pans and pots, the acrid scent of burning toast and the “surprise” of a tray laden with such delicacies as sloppy fried egg thing with a side of cardboard crisp meat product and a tepid cup of milky white liquid with floaty black things in it. And while you look at this ghastly concoction and smile, hiding the horror within, you know that deep down, you’ll arise to something that once resembled a clean kitchen.

2 Handy crafts

Education is important for children and while most of us would agree that learning how to read and write and do your sums is important, once, just once, it would be nice if someone would teach our kids that a ceramic cup shouldn’t have a hole in the bottom. The number of mothers who will feign surprise and wonder at the misshapen lump of clay presented to them this Sunday will be too many to mention.

3 Dads

Easily the source of the largest risk to mums on Mother’s Day. Why you may ask? Because they’ll whine and complain about the lunch they’re supposed to be cooking or the lack of warning for the sleep in you asked for or because they don’t know why they can’t watch the football. They’ll also be in charge of buying you the Mother’s Day present you always wanted, like a new iron, or a delightful new fishing rod. Rest assured, whatever it is they provide, it will be both practical and cheap.