Helping out those affected by the NSW Fires


As we hear regular updates of the brave fire fighters battling the more than 50 bushfires across New South Wales, let’s take a moment to think about those already affected. At last count over 200 homes have already been lost and threat of more losses is looming.

I think back to recent disasters in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and Christchurch and remember how communities from all across Australia and New Zealand came together and helped those in need.

From putting on a pair of gumboots and shovelling mud out of living rooms, providing USB sticks so people can back up their documents to donating (new) underpants, our collective generosity has been amazing to behold. So now that we’re experiencing our latest crisis, the question is how can we help those affected by the current fires?

  • Give cash to those that need it. According to the Salvation Army, while goods are appreciated, it’s difficult to manage such a large quantity of donated items, which is why donating money can be a better option. You can donate to the Red Cross Appeal or Salvation Army Appeal.
  • A place to sleep. With so many people losing their homes, you can help out by listing your home for temporary accommodation at
  • People aren’t the only ones affected by the fires. The RSPCA and Petbarn have joined forces to assist rescue and recovery efforts for wildlife, pets and livestock. You can donate online to the RSPCA as well as at all PetBarn stores. The Animal Welfare League NSW is also taking donations to help find emergency care for injured or displaced animals.
  • If you have the room you can provide temporary care to all sorts of animals affected by the crisis. Contact the National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) to see how you can assist.
  • Help when you go shopping. Coles, Woolworths and Target are matching in-store donations dollar for dollar.
  • You can also help out the kids affected by the fires by donating a dress, make-up or photography services to The Firey Formal Dress Exchange. Its aim is to help out “sisters who have lost their formal dress in the fire”.


If you know of any other ways people can help those affected by the fires, tell us below and help spread the word.