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Helping you understand insurance and risk

Know Risk is a community education program designed by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) to improve our understanding of insurance and how it relates to managing the many risks we all face in life.

Many of us choose not to have insurance in certain areas or don’t have enough insurance to meet our needs should something unexpected occur. Insurance is a vital tool in allowing us to pursue many life choices that otherwise we couldn’t afford or because risk of failure or accident is too high. A better awareness of insurance and risk means we can make more informed decisions as to where insurance can help and what precautions or steps we can take to help ourselves minimise risk in different areas in life.

The Know Risk program is committed to helping increase knowledge and assist in educating through its online network offering a variety of content including videos, documentaries, mobile applications, web based tools, information and is a friendly accessible destination for people to interact and connect while learning about insurance and risk.

How to use Know Risk:

1. Create your My Risk profile 

Homeowner, business owner, young or old - get the risk checklist for your life.

2. Get informed and stay informed

Use Know Risk to get tips, tricks and updates so you can take control of the risks in your life. Subscribe to our personalised suite of resources today!

3. Download Insurance Tracker™

The everyday tool that helps you manage your insurable risks. Store your policies, take photos of your possessions, keep images of your receipts and get reminders when your policies are up for renewal.







Know Risk operates as an independent, non-for-profit organisation. The content and the views of the Network are totally impartial and free from influence or guidance from external parties.

To ensure the Network remains viable and can continue to serve the community, Know Risk does require financial support. We would like to acknowledge the following organisations for their financial contributions.

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